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Aerodynamics are one of the last great unknowns.

Most can grasp the basic theory. But all too few understand how they work in the real world. Even fewer appreciate how aerodynamic equipment can actually reduce your operating costs and improve your bottom line.

Not so at AB Airflow, because aerodynamics are our specialisation.We’ve studied them for over 20 years, and that has given us a wealth of experience that no one else in our field can match.

For us, aerodynamics are an understood science because our designs are wind tunnel tested and proven, we have a 4/10th highly detailed scale model, we know how to make technology work for you.

That’s why our aerodynamic packages bring real and very tangible results. Small scale models such as 1/10th simply do not scale, results are unreliable and can be the opposite of the real world result. A model of minimum scale of 1/3rd and a large wind tunnel such as the MIRA Full Scale wind tunnel is required, this is the only full scale (for cars) wind tunnel in the UK and a 4/10th model is the largest that can be yawed in this tunnel.

And thats why AB Airflow can make a real and positive difference to your costs of operation as a result.